quality over quantity

Looking back over the chapters and combine my own thought. I have come to the conclusion that ever individual has there own gems on information that they go to .Each one having a distinct quality that shines for them. Depending on the mood or attitude you are in we need for a certain. For example I work 40 hours a week and I’m taking several class, I miss my favorite TV shows and I have very little time to see movies. So what do I do, well I search the net for help. Granted the experience isn’t that same as it would be if I watched the show with the rest of the world but it does get me past that place we I’m constantly thinking…. did I miss something important….did I  miss out on the plot…..what happened. Thank you youtube and dailymotion. Thank you for bridging the gap between me and the corporate schedules of prime time. No limits of schedule for me. Work school play I’m watching.


6 Responses to “quality over quantity”

  1. lajoiedevivre Says:

    Yes, to some extent we rely on experts to give us a quick look at the “best of” movies, music, TV, because we have so little time to browse all these things constantly. Our opinion is shaped by the particular experts we trust to give us these opinions.
    Good Post.

  2. bananaramma Says:

    I go through phases where I won’t go to a movie for months and then all of a sudden I see four in one week. If I look back at the oscars best pictures of the last few years I have not seen the majority of them. Plus some I have seen I really did not enjoy. And there lies the problem everyone has a different opinion on everything. I do read Ebert’s critics of movies sometimes though. If he likes it I usually assume I will like it. There are so many movies floating around its hard to keep track of them all. Keep up the good work.

  3. jackers13 Says:

    I too am a so called TV “addict” and i have my favourite shows that i too just have to see from week to week and with a busy schedule of school and work i just dont have the time to get around to seeing whats new with them. So i greatly really on things like youtube and the internet to download the shows i miss. and when that fails i turn to reviews and synopsis’s that i can find by the so called experts on the internet to fill me in on what i have missed and what i should be glad i missed.

  4. krystal21 Says:

    Your comment above is the exact reason why the web is so popular. The web is a quick way for people to touch base on anything and EVERYTHING they missed out on during there busy days. Luckily I’m not too addicted to the internet, however, I can totally see how people could feel as though they’re missing out on something when they miss their favorite show or what not. This is just another nice positive side to the internet we can all experience.

  5. Media's Advocate Says:

    I have recently been exposed to youtube in the last month because of these blogs. It is an aweome website where you can find anything from sitcoms to movies and even homemade movies. I love it, you are not restricted from the times networks give you on their channels. What i have always wondered is who are the people that waste their time uploading these movies and shows? and why are they wasting their time doing it? Do they some how get paid for uploading illegal content? or are they just wasting there time and helping us all out. Thank you uploaders =).

  6. Download Movies with NO Limit ! Says:

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