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February 28, 2007

What ever happen to those days were you competed this people on your local bbs and everthing was so simple and all text. Now we are bombarded with anything you can think of. As with any meduim there is always going to be progression and growth. it amazing to see to how newspaper and video have all been rapped into one majestic landscape and it constantly growing. It reminds of the C S Lewis novel where Asland is creating Narnia and when he is done nobody has a clue on what they should do or how they should be. The internet is the same thing with the creation of somemany new ideas everyday it going to be a little while untill everone has a home


here is my long one and she burped on me!

February 28, 2007

Movies are one of those things that have drastically changed in my life since I have been married and especially once our daughter was born.  In a not so distant past, my close friends and I would venture of to the paramount or Cineplex theaters. As we went we were so captivated with the idea that we had no cares in the world. Our sole purpose was to enter those places with the purpose of becoming vegetables. The only thing that could wake you from are self induce coma was some one spilling a pop on you. These activities where done on a whim with not much thought and not much was expected. Oh how the times have changed now with the family the whole event takes much more work to plan and some times a harder process to care out, but it does happen.


First off would be the decision making part of the night. At the list of movies is around 20 titles. Unfortunately my wife has already narrowed my 20 choices to 2, “Catch and Release” with Jennifer Garner and “Because I said so” with Mandy Moore, none of which remotely interest me. As part of the convincing process my wife, she sat me down and had me watch all the trailers for both of these movies, although it was only ten minutes it seemed to take for ever. After much debate is was settled and “Because I said so” was the victor.


It was the opening night; although we were early we had a hard time finding a spot to sit. We finally settled in between an older couple and a younger couple. With in the first couple of minutes one of our younger neighbors leaned my way and burped in my direction. I can honestly say garlic and cherry nibs are a lethal combination. What did I  do wrong and how was I less of a person than the one she was with to deserve that. At that point in time I did feel like Russel Smith when he said “Don’t you feel even a little bit as if you were in a barn.” On the other side was the old couple, they were completely unaware of the burper, but completely cautious of the baby crying a few rows back. The older couple had nothing good to say about bring a crying baby to a movie, honestly I don’t blame them. The vast majority of people don’t bring there infant to the late showing of a movie based on the fact that the children could interrupt the experience for others. Most people go to stare at the screen and listen to the show, not to hear a crying especially when it is going on during an important scene. I can completely understand how these two distractions can diminish the experience.


Next came the trailers, personally I like the trailers jam packed with special effects and the best part they have nothing important in them. But to my senses I find them like a narcotic pick me up. Especially at a chick flick you need that action charged influence to boost you through the movie. As well I look for that light at the end of the tunnel that hopefully she (my wife) will find something that will capture her attention so that maybe next time I might get to pick the show we watch. Instead of the constant boy meets girl, boy losses girl, boy make ups and gets back girl ect. Although the trailers were done well nothing left me asking which one I would go see, but left several for my wife. I fell victim and was subjected once again to the same advertising that brought me here.


Once the previews were over the light completely dimmed and there was that hush. We turned from these pigs in the barn to those politely asking for forgiveness as they walked through the isle in front of others. There was a complete shift in atmosphere as the movie began. I guess you could say we turned in to zombies, we where totally conscience then over a short period of time we found ourselves totally fixated on one thing and subjected ourselves to it. Our physical appearances do change during this time as we do slouch deeper into our seats and we focus our eyes and drop our mouths, once again completely subjecting ourselves to the experience that we paid for. Keep in mind we see some of these position at school work and at home.


It is interesting to watch differently groups accept the entertainment. It’s not necessarily age or gender specifically, as I watch it seems more to do with who you are sitting with. Large groups seemed to laugh more and laugh more obnoxiously and the smaller groups of two or three laughed at the jokes that were presented as inside jokes. As I sat there I wondered to myself how there reactions would be if we where sitting in a suspense movie or thriller because these movie are created so differently. They are design to push and pull on your senses not like this romantic comedy they are currently watching.


But what ever the experience is, good or bad people will always go there is be entertained some how.