Advertising! the good the bad the ugly

Growing up we never had cable TV and i never spent much time reading magazines. I was mostly out camping or doing something that was more physically engaging. Then junior high hit and wham like a shot gun slug i was part of this world that revolved around what you were wering and how you talked. Items like lock up pants and the first season of friends, but the things brand that stood out the most was NO FEAR. Each kid had a least one shirt and on the back was a clever saying that really didnt make any sense but we still laughed.

I can understand the impacted t the advertising has on younger people. My nephew is 4 and if i draw an M he automatically thinks Macdonald’s. He is completely rapped up in it. item like motorbike and cars are cool and the brand fox it the only safe equiptment thta


2 Responses to “Advertising! the good the bad the ugly”

  1. sunshine33 Says:

    I don’t think I could ever imagine growing up without a cable. It is sad to say but even now I don’t think I could go without it. When I was younger my sister and I were allowed so many hours infront of the tv a night and to me I consider this to be good parenting because from my prospective it was a pretty good compromise. A 4 year old already associating a M with McDonalds, wow. I don’t even think I would do that now. But I guess if someone actually asked me when you see or think of the letter M what do you think of, I would probably have to say McDonalds.

  2. somcmadworld Says:

    i never really got into brands or anything like that until high school. even then i only knew a few brands. but now i know more brands and i often wonder why someone would spend so much money on certain brands
    the M thing with McDonalds i kind of understand. When i used to camp with my family me and my sisters used to play a game on the road to see who could spot the M sign for McDonalds first. We never went into McDonalds but that was the fame. we were kind of lame.

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