Piece of the pie

pie1.jpgGrowing up we never had cable TV and i never spent much time reading magazines. I was mostly out camping or doing something that was more physically engaging. Then junior high hit and wham like a shot gun slug i was part of this world that revolved around company provided style. What you were wearing and how you talked seemed to come in a can. but the brands that stood out the most was NO FEAR. Each kid had a least one shirt and on the back was a clever saying that really didnt make any sense but we still laughed. We were young and the shirts were ugly

I can understand the impacted that advertising has on younger people. My nephew is 4 and if I draw an M shape he automatically thinks Macdonald’s. He is completely rapped up in it., item like motorbike and cars are cool and the brand fox it the only safe equipment to use according to him. But to be honest I don’t think it is him that is exposing him self to these messages. I believe his mother leads the pack with her crappy MTV style. Oh well just stay away from my kid.


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