Video Games

As a mass communication device i think video game are going to be playing a big role in th future. there are a way for people to have same form of confidence with out the worries. What do i mean by worries, like talking in front a person you are attracted too, no not being worried about bad breath. Video game are like instant messaging in a way. They remove some of those social boundry and restrictions. Are they a replacement for physical social activity? No. but i believe they could help start someone to being more social. for example some people enjoy playing sport game and there has been gatherings based on the fact that people enjoying play those against others.

I also believe that games will be the foundation of the hybrid movie slash game experience were two or more medias combine to create this all new and immersing experience. This new type of experience isnt that far away,with advancement and technology we are entering a whole new area of visuals effect and realism in real time, games will never go away the will only grow and grow till they take over the world because they are hunkidory


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