Stay out of my Bedroom and ill stay out of yours.

I really don’t like to discuss about much about porn. If you like looking it is your own choice. but for me, I look at is as a new drug where people can drowned in it and loose a sense of self worth. I find the more people look at porn the less likely they will respect the ones they are with. They will never feel satisfied with there partnerst and that partner will feel inadequate as they are being compared to next magazine cover.

Preference of sexuality is everyones choice. You define who you love and if you are happy, Most people partner up for that companion ship. but please keep it a home. I was at a concert last night and the two in front where going at constantly.  everything from hugs to nibbles. it was too much and finally people around us asked them to cool it until they got home.

Finally for those that brag about your conquest, grow up. Nobody likes to hear your half truth stories of how main people you have screwed and don’t ask me to share either.


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