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House of Unity… the good old days

March 7, 2007

i was only about 14 and my old brother took me to see a Rave in Calgary.  He took me because i had been listening to tech for  over a year and trying to find new music in Lethbridge was impossible.  My bro and friends had been listening to techno for quite some time, there were making there own music and throwing house parties. but the music was always the  same. Back to the rave,  it started off at LCI taking a bus to calgary, the local community was there all supporting each other if you will. But the thing that i remember the most was the engery when we arrived. I was pretty intense, the reason i bring this up is because the ive been to other concert setting and nothing was quite like it. the music was raw and untouched. the sound were rough and unknown. Plus ever one interpreted the live mixing of music so differently.

Sinse those time the music has changed. no more Delta9 or Lenny D.  but hello Modana. what happen were did are the good music go. It gone, and replaced with music that will be sold to 11 teen year olds. those kids that cant decide if there a child or adult. Its horrible pretty soon they will be marketing to 4 and 5 years old on the radio. and the worst part is that its not going to be Fred Penner it will be Jay-z and snoop dog. Any way you look at it the music is being controlled and the you might like it being pushed away for the stuff they want you to like.


quality over quantity

January 17, 2007

Looking back over the chapters and combine my own thought. I have come to the conclusion that ever individual has there own gems on information that they go to .Each one having a distinct quality that shines for them. Depending on the mood or attitude you are in we need for a certain. For example I work 40 hours a week and I’m taking several class, I miss my favorite TV shows and I have very little time to see movies. So what do I do, well I search the net for help. Granted the experience isn’t that same as it would be if I watched the show with the rest of the world but it does get me past that place we I’m constantly thinking…. did I miss something important….did I  miss out on the plot…..what happened. Thank you youtube and dailymotion. Thank you for bridging the gap between me and the corporate schedules of prime time. No limits of schedule for me. Work school play I’m watching.